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dc.contributorDavies, Jonen_US
dc.contributorGamoun, Mouldien_US
dc.contributorHassan, Sawsanen_US
dc.contributorAbu-Zanat, Mahfouzen_US
dc.contributorNeffati, Mohameden_US
dc.contributorTadros, Maheren_US
dc.contributorOuled Belgacem, Azaiezen_US
dc.contributorRajabov, Toshpulaten_US
dc.contributorAnnouri, Lailaen_US
dc.contributorAl Rahahleh, Laithen_US
dc.contributorBaqain, Razanen_US
dc.contributorKool, Emmaen_US
dc.contributorMasumbuko, Boraen_US
dc.contributorMagero, Chrisen_US
dc.contributorOgali, Claireen_US
dc.contributorSlim, Slimen_US
dc.contributorAbdallah, Mohameden_US
dc.contributorSouissi, Mohameden_US
dc.contributorSebri, Mehdien_US
dc.creatorLouhaichi, Mouniren_US
dc.identifier.citationMounir Louhaichi, Jon Davies, Mouldi Gamoun, Sawsan Hassan, Mahfouz Abu-Zanat, Mohamed Neffati, Maher Tadros, Azaiez Ouled Belgacem, Toshpulat Rajabov, Laila Annouri, Laith Al Rahahleh, Razan Baqain, Emma Kool, Bora Masumbuko, Chris Magero, Claire Ogali, Slim Slim, Mohamed Abdallah, Mohamed Souissi, Mehdi Sebri. (12/12/2023). Sustainable rangeland management toolkit for resilient pastoral systems. Beirut, Lebanon: International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).en_US
dc.description.abstractINNOVATION PROFILE of Sustainable rangeland management toolkit with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach for addressing the biophysical and sociocultural aspects under changing climate and land use leading towards more resilient pastoral systems.en_US
dc.publisherInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)en_US
dc.subjectholistic approchen_US
dc.subjectsrm toolkiten_US
dc.titleSustainable rangeland management toolkit for resilient pastoral systemsen_US
cg.creator.idLouhaichi, Mounir: 0000-0002-4543-7631en_US
cg.creator.idGamoun, Mouldi: 0000-0003-3714-7674en_US
cg.creator.idHassan, Sawsan: 0000-0002-5057-8957en_US
cg.creator.idOuled Belgacem, Azaiez: 0000-0002-5946-7540en_US
cg.creator.idSlim, Slim: 0000-0001-8294-0685en_US
cg.subject.agrovocsustainable land managementen_US
cg.contributor.centerInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas - ICARDAen_US
cg.contributor.centerArid Regions Institute - IRAen_US
cg.contributor.centerOffice of Livestock and Pasture Authority - OEPen_US
cg.contributor.centerFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAOen_US
cg.contributor.centerInternational Union for Conservation of Nature - IUCNen_US
cg.contributor.centerSamarkand State University - SSUen_US
cg.contributor.centerUniversity of Jordan - JUen_US
cg.contributor.centerDirection Générale des Forêts - DGFen_US
cg.contributor.centerJordan University of Science and Technology - JUSTen_US
cg.contributor.centerOregon State University - OSU United Statesen_US
cg.contributor.centerEcole Supérieure d'Agriculture de Mateur - ESAMen_US
cg.contributor.centerInternational Union for Conservation of Nature Regional Office of West Asia - IUCN-ROWAen_US
cg.contributor.crpResilient Agrifood Systems - RAFSen_US
cg.contributor.funderCGIAR System Organization - CGIARen_US
cg.contributor.project-lead-instituteInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas - ICARDAen_US
dc.identifier.statusOpen accessen_US
cg.subject.sdgSDG 1 - No povertyen_US
cg.subject.sdgSDG 6 - Clean water and sanitationen_US
cg.subject.sdgSDG 8 - Decent work and economic growthen_US
cg.subject.sdgSDG 13 - Climate actionen_US
cg.subject.sdgSDG 15 - Life on landen_US
cg.subject.actionAreaResilient Agrifood Systemsen_US
cg.subject.impactAreaClimate adaptation and mitigationen_US
cg.subject.impactAreaEnvironmental health and biodiversityen_US
cg.contributor.initiativeLivestock and Climateen_US

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