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dc.contributorAl-Atiyat, Raeden_US
dc.contributorAljumaah, Riyadhen_US
dc.contributorSilva, Pradeepaen_US
dc.contributorMwacharo, Joramen_US
dc.contributorHanotte, Olivieren_US
dc.creatorLawal, Ramanen_US
dc.identifier.citationRaman Lawal, Raed Al-Atiyat, Riyadh Aljumaah, Pradeepa Silva, Joram Mwacharo, Olivier Hanotte. (20/7/2018). Whole-Genome Resequencing of Red Junglefowl and Indigenous Village Chicken Reveal New Insights on the Genome Dynamics of the Species. Frontiers in Genetics, 9 (264).en_US
dc.description.abstractThe red junglefowl Gallus gallus is the main progenitor of domestic chicken, the commonest livestock species, outnumbering humans by an approximate ratio of six to one. The genetic control for production traits have been well studied in commercial chicken, but the selection pressures underlying unique adaptation and production to local environments remain largely unknown in indigenous village chicken. Likewise, the genome regions under positive selection in the wild red junglefowl remain untapped. Here, using the pool heterozygosity approach, we analyzed indigenous village chicken populations from Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka, alongside six red junglefowl, for signatures of positive selection across the autosomes. Two red junglefowl candidate selected regions were shared with all domestic chicken populations. Four candidates sweep regions, unique to and shared among all indigenous domestic chicken, were detected. Only one region includes annotated genes (TSHR and GTF2A1). Candidate regions that were unique to each domestic chicken population with functions relating to adaptation to temperature gradient, production, reproduction and immunity were identified. Our results provide new insights on the consequence of the selection pressures that followed domestication on the genome landscape of the domestic village chicken.en_US
dc.publisherFrontiers Mediaen_US
dc.sourceFrontiers in Genetics;9,(2018)en_US
dc.subjectpositive selectionen_US
dc.subjectindigenous village chickenen_US
dc.subjectchicken domesticationen_US
dc.subjectchicken adaptationen_US
dc.subjectenvironmental adaptationen_US
dc.subjectcandidate sweep regionsen_US
dc.titleWhole-Genome Resequencing of Red Junglefowl and Indigenous Village Chicken Reveal New Insights on the Genome Dynamics of the Speciesen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US
cg.creator.idMwacharo, Joram: 0000-0001-6981-8140en_US
cg.creator.idHanotte, Olivier: 0000-0002-2877-4767en_US
cg.subject.agrovocred junglefowlen_US
cg.subject.agrovocgallus gallusen_US
cg.contributor.centerUniversity of Nottingham, School of Life Sciences - UoN UK - School of Life Sciencesen_US
cg.contributor.centerMutah University, College of Agricultureen_US
cg.contributor.centerKing Saud University, College of Food and Agriculture Sciences - CFASen_US
cg.contributor.centerUniversity of Peradeniya, Faculty of Agriculture - PDN - Agrien_US
cg.contributor.centerInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas - ICARDAen_US
cg.contributor.centerInternational Livestock Research Institute - ILRIen_US
cg.contributor.crpCGIAR Research Program on Livestock Agri-Food Systems - LAFSen_US
cg.contributor.funderInternational Livestock Research Institute - ILRIen_US
cg.contributor.projectCGIAR Research Program on Livestock Agri-Food Systemsen_US
cg.contributor.project-lead-instituteInternational Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas - ICARDAen_US
cg.coverage.regionEastern Africaen_US
cg.coverage.regionWestern Asiaen_US
cg.coverage.regionSouthern Asiaen_US
dc.identifier.statusOpen accessen_US

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